Enrique Bartolini

Enrique Bartolini
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Sarkes Tarzian


Born in Buenos Aires in 1912, Enrique Bartolini was the son of a carpenter. His first skill was carpentry, but by the time he was 14 he was also self-taught in radio and battery technology. In 1932 he graduated from architectural training, and during his architectural career built five buildings in Buenos Aires.

In 1936 he changed careers, following his early interest in electronics, and moved to Peabody & Co., where he was instrumental in the design and manufacturing of radios, phonographs, fans and wind-powered generators. He continued to be self-taught in electronics throughout his life by reading, among other things, IEEE periodicals.

In 1943 he moved his family to Ramos Mejia, where he built his own home and that of his parents. In 1952 he left Argentina and moved to Los Angeles.

In 1955 he moved again to Bloomington, Ind., USA, working for Sarkes Tarzian in the research and development of television tuners and marketing. In 1958 he moved to Santa Barbara, Calif.

Bartolini died on January 27th, 1998.