Eiichi Ohno

Eiichi Ohno
Associated organizations
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Fields of study
Power electronics
IEEE Third Millennium Medal


Eiichi Ohno received a BSEE and Ph.D. from University of Tokyo in 1955 and in 1968 respectively. He joined Central Research Laboratory of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1955, where he has marked a pioneering work on power electronics, robotics and industrial control systems. He served General Managers of several Laboratories and Corporate R&D, and now he is a Corporate Advisor of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. His awards include the Japanese Government Award for Persons of Scientific and Technological Merit, the Mainichi Industrial Award, OHM Technology Award and IEEE Third Millennium Medal. He served Chairman of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and Japan Society for Power Electronics. He served IEEE Tokyo Section and IEEE Japan Council as Vice Chair and has contributed to the establishment of new Societies in Japan.