Edward Allen


Edward Allen
Edward Allen
Portsmouth, VA, USA
Associated organizations
Federal Communications Commission


Edward W. Allen, Jr. (IRE Member, 1944, and Fellow, 1953) was born in Portsmouth, Virginia on 14 February 1903. He received the E.E. degree from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, in 1925, and the L.L.B. degree from George Washington University, Washington, D.C., in 1933.

Allen joined the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Washington, D.C., in 1935. He became Chief of the Technical Research Division, in 1946, and then the Chief Engineer of the FCC, in 1951. He was active in the development of technical standards and radio allocations throughout his association with the FCC.

Allen was a member of the Electrical Standards Board of the American Standards Association, in 1962, and participated in electrical coordination work for many years. In 1962, he was also a member of the U.S. National Committees of URSI and the International Elelectrotechnical Commission. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and served as a delegate to seven (as of 1962) meetings of the Union, at two of them, as Delegation Chair. From 1949, until at least through 1962, he was a member of the IRE Wave Propagation Committee, and received the IRE Harry Diamond Award, in 1958. He was also a member of Tau Beta Pi and Phl Alpha Delta.