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David Crocker
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David H. Crocker has been a vital contributor to email standards development since the early 1970s. The author of more than 45 Requests for Comments (RFC), his work includes RFC 733-the first standard for Internet email-and its revision, RFC 822, which remains the core reference for Internet mail formatting. He also has played a major role in the development of standards for MIME file attachments, Internet facsimile and Internet EDI, as well as contributing to work on network management, domain name service, and transport protocol service optimizations. Active in a number of influential standards groups, Mr. Crocker also was an architect of mail systems including OSI's X.400 and MCI Mail. Since 1991, he has been a principal at Brandenburg Internet Working. A Senior Member of the IEEE, Mr. Crocker also is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery, the Internet Society and the Independent Computer Consultants Association.