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Craig R. Barrett
Craig R. Barrett
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Intel Corporation


Combining a superb technical background with excellent leadership skills, Craig R. Barrett developed Intel Corporation into a leading innovator of microprocessor technology and impacted the microelectronics industry as a whole. With a career that has spanned from academician to technical contributor to corporate leader, Dr. Barrett rose from technology development manager to chairman of the board at Intel, and when U.S. leadership in integrated circuit technologies was threatened during the late 1980s, it was Dr. Barrett’s vision that restored Intel as a leading innovator of microelectronics, raising industry standards with processes that served as models for other companies to emulate.

He has driven significant improvements to the company's process control, statistical analysis and problem-solving methods, and he has fine-tuned Intel's manufacturing process, improving yields and developing a higher quality materials supply base, fueling enhancements in quality consciousness and introducing a standardization methodology that allowed processes to be transferred from site to site, resulting in improved factory performance.

As an industry and education spokesman, Dr. Barrett has championed issues such as education, competitiveness, international development and corporate responsibility. He has led the development of the Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, which identifies technical challenges facing the industry, and the University Focus Research Program, which funds and coordinates semiconductor research efforts for universities.

Dr. Barrett is the author of over forty technical papers dealing with the influence of microstructure on the properties of materials. An IEEE Life Member, Dr. Barrett served as chairman of the board at Intel Corporation until his retirement in May 2009.