Chronology of AIEE and IRE Merger


Chronology of AIEE and IRE Merger Creating IEEE, 1950s to Early 1963
Date Event
1950s Periodic discussions regarding either consolidation or merger of AIEE and IRE
1950 AIEE and IRE establish joint student branches
1959 Special Joint Committee on AIEE/IRE relations created
3 Feb. 1961 Roland McFarlan, 1960 IRE President, appears before AIEE Board of Directors
March 1961 Clarence Linder, AIEE President, appears before IRE Board of Directors
5 May 1961 Pat Haggerty, President Elect of IRE, reports to IRE Executive Committee on the Joint Committee’s preliminary merger discussions
13 Sept. 1961 Eight-Man AIEE-IRE Joint Committee meets and recommends that both Boards of Directors approve formal appointment of a joint committee “to study a merger and prepare a proposal for accomplishing it.” Established timetable calling for constitution and bylaws for merged organization to be ready for approval by both boards on 2 Feb. 1962.If approved, membership vote in May 1962, with merger effective 1 Jan. 1963.
18 Oct. 1961 IRE Board of Directors approves Eight-Man Join Committee merger plan
20 Oct. 1961 AIEE Board of Directors approves Eight-Man Joint Committee merger plan
23 Oct. 1961 IRE and AIEE issue joint press release stating they exploring a merger
31 Jan. 1962 AIEE Town Meeting on Merger discussions at the AIEE Winter General Meeting in New York
8 Mar. 1962 IEEE draft constitution published. This is the earliest printed mention of “The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers” as the name of the merged organization
10 Mar. 1962 Press release issued stating that the AIEE and IRE Boards of Directors have approved merging to form IEEE. Membership vote scheduled by AIEE for June 18.
26 Mar. 1962 Symposium on proposed merger at IRE Convention, New York
Mar. 1962 First special merger supplement in the Proceedings of the IRE.
Apr. 1962 Second special merger supplement in the Proceedings of the IRE. Special merger supplement in the AIEE publication Electrical Engineering
24 Apr. 1962 Ballot proxies are mailed to all IRE Members and will be counted at a special meeting of IRE on 10 July
18 June 1962 AIEE membership approves merger
10 July 1962 IRE membership approves merger
10 July 1962 Merger committee expands to 14 members, with a charge to work out the details needed to accomplish the merger by 1 Jan. 1963. During a series of meetings in 1962, the Fourteen-Man Committee worked out the details for merger
1 Oct. 1962 IEEE regional boundaries approved
14-15 Nov. 1962 1963 IEEE budget approved by joint committee
11 Dec. 1962 IEEE badge design approved
1 Jan. 1963 IEEE begins operations
2 Jan. 1963 First work day for IEEE staff
2 Jan. 1963 Certificate of Consolidation, and amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of AIEE, executed in the state of New York, U.S. A. Legally, AIEE is the surviving institution