Christopher Buff


Christopher Buff
Camden, NJ, USA
Associated organizations
Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company
Fields of study


Christopher Buff (IRE Associate, 1945; Member, 1948; and Senior Member, 1955) was born in Camden, New Jersey, on 6 January 1917. He took engineering courses at Union Junior College, Cranford, New Jersey and at Hofstra College, Hempstead, New York.

From 1941 to 1946, Buff was employed in various engineering capacities by Press Wireless Inc., New York, New York, and was instrumental in the development of some of the early FSK equipment. In 1946, he joined Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company, New York, New York, as an engineer engaged in the development of HF communications equipment. Subsequently he was active in systems engineering for the company, making several trips abroad. He also participated in the work of CCITT study groups at Geneva. In 1962, he was chief engineer of the parent company, American Cable and Radio Corporation, New York, New York. In addition, he became an active licensed radio amateur in 1931 and continued that activity.