Charles H. Bennett


Charles H. Bennett


Charles H. Bennett, born in 1943, is a physicist, information theorist, and IBM Fellow at IBM Research.

Bennett graduated from Croton-Harmon High School in 1960 and majored in chemistry at Brandeis University, graduating in 1964. He then received a PhD from Harvard in 1971 in molecular dynamics studies. Afterwards, he continued research at Argonne Laboratory, joining IBM Research in 1972. Bennett has conducted research in many fields, has demonstrated that general-purpose computation can be performed by a logically and thermodynamically reversible apparatus, proposed a reinterpretation of Maxwell's demon, and developed a practical system of quantum cryptography. At Boston University he taught courses on cryptography and the physics of computation and discovered "quantum teleportation." He later helped found the quantitative theory of entanglement and introduced several techniques for faithful transmission of classical and quantum information through noisy channels, and worked on the capacities for quantum channels and interactions to simulate one another and the trade-offs among communications resources.

Bennett is an IBM Fellow, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

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