Charles E. Stephens


Charles E. Stephens
Charles E. Stephens
Ferris, TX, USA


Charles E. Stephens, Northeastern District Manager, Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company since April, 1925, has had a wide experience with the electrical industry since entering the Westinghouse organization when hardly more than a boy. His success has been one merited through hard work and diligent study both of the engineering and sales features of the business.

Mr. Stephens was born in Ferris, Texas, November 19, 1882, and attended the Ferris Institute. Becoming enthusiastic over the future of the electrical industry, he applied for a position with the Westinghouse Company in 1900, and he was placed in the Company's shops at East Pittsburgh as an apprentice. Here he gained a great amount of practical experience in electrical manufacturing practice, which he augmented by technical study. Mr. Stephens had the wisdom while on the apprentice course to follow the policy of securing work in as many different departments of the factory as possible, in order to broaden his knowledge.

Leaving the student work, Mr. Stephens finally gained an appointment in the Testing Department, from which he was later transferred to the Engineering Department. His work there was the design of molds for armatures and coils, for which his shop experience especially fitted him. After a short while he was assigned to motor insulation design and development. After a relatively short time in this capacity, he was made Manager of the Arc Lighting Section of the Engineering Department, and then was promoted to the position of Illuminating Engineer of the General Engineering Department.

Leaving Engineering work, he was then made Manager of the Illuminating Section of the Sales Department, from which position he was transferred in 1917 to the New York office, as Manager of the Supply Department. Later he was made Manager of the Central Station division of the Νew York office, and in 1925 was made Manager of the district, the largest within the Westinghouse district sales divisions.

Mr. Stephens served on the Board of Directors of the AIEE and as a member of the Finance Committee. He was a past Vice-President of the Illuminating Engineering Society, and a member of several clubs and associations.