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C. P. Wong
C. P. Wong
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Regents and Distinguished Professor, and holder of the Charles Smithgall Institute Endowed Chair at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Dr. C.P. Wong fundamentally changed packaging technology for semiconductors, pioneering the use of new materials ranging from polymers to nano-technologies. He also dramatically reduced the cost of manufacturing very large volumes of high-performance electronic components widely used in today’s telecommunications, computer networks and other electronics areas.

He developed and patented the first known no-flow underfill materials for high performance flip-chip applications. While a staff member at AT&T Bell Labs in Princeton, New Jersey, he pioneered the use of silicone gel and other polymers as a device encapsulant in plastic integrated circuit packaging to achieve reliability without sealing by fusion. This allowed AT&T to replace hermetic ceramic packaged components, saving tens of millions of dollars.

Dr. Wong and his students developed the first known no-flow underfill materials for high performance flip-chip applications. He also developed a high-performance electrical conductive adhesive (ECA) and solved the industry-wide conductivity fatigue problem by demonstrating that corrosion is the key to stable ECA contact resistance. Recently he and his students have demonstrated the use of self-assembly layer nano-materials as molecular wires to enhance the current transport of the ECA and the use of carbon nano-tubes for electrical and thermal managements of high performance packages.

He has published more than 500 technical papers, granted over 40 U.S. patents and authored or co-authored four definitive books on the subjects of polymeric materials and packaging technologies.