Branislav M. Notaros


Branislav M. Notaros
Branislav M. Notaros
Associated organizations
Colorado State University
Fields of study
Electromagnetics education


Teaching what are traditionally considered some of the most difficult courses in the electrical engineering curriculum, Branislav M. Notaros has made dramatic improvements to student learning, mastery, success, and satisfaction in his electromagnetics classes. Prof. Notaros’ students appreciate his enthusiasm for the subject matter, his effectiveness in explaining complex material, and his genuine concern for their success. His teaching is based on active and problem-based learning, using his examples, problems, and conceptual questions. At the global level, he implemented this approach and material in his Electromagnetics textbook, his greatest endeavor of many years. His hands-on MATLAB exercises, tutorials, and projects constitute one of the most complete and ambitious uses of MATLAB in electromagnetics education.

An IEEE Senior member, Dr. Notaros is currently a professor at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA.