Arnold Beck


Arnold Beck
Norfolk, England
Associated organizations
Standard Telephone & Cables
Fields of study
Valves, Tubes


Arnold H. Beck (IRE Student, 1936; Associate, 1939; Member, 1955; and Fellow, 1959) was born in Norfolk, England, on 7 August 1916. He was educated at Gresham's School, Holt, and University College, London, where he received a B.S. degree in engineering, in 1937.

After spending two years working on electronic navigation with Henry Hughes & Sons, Beck was seconded to the Admiralty Signal establishment until the end of World War II. In 1947, he joined Standard Telephone & Cables to establish the valve laboratory then located at Enfield. Beck worked on a broad range of valves and gas tubes for communication systems at S.T.L. In 1958, he joined the academic staff of Cambridge University, as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.

Beck was a Fellow of the IRE, an associate member of the IEE, and the author of three books on electronics, including "Velocity Modulated Thermionic Tubes," Thermionic Valves," and "Space-Charge Waves."

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