Alfred Stanley Peters

Alfred Stanley Peters
St. Joseph, MI, USA
Associated organizations
Western Electric Company, Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone, Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph company


Alfred Stanley Peters was a telephone engineer and served as the first Chair of the AIEE Utah Section.

Born 24 March 1873 in St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S.A., his parents were Charles W. Peters and Emma (Bonnell) Peters. Alfred Stanley Peters was educated at the Northwestern University Prep School and at the University of Utah. On 18 October 1902, he married Elizabeth Davis in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had two children, Stanley and Emma. Stanley worked for the Western Electric Company from 1892-1895. From 1895-1900 he was a switchboard installer, from 1900-1904 an equipment chief. He became chief engineer in 1904 and served in that capacity until 1911, when he became a division engineer for Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone, becoming a valuation engineer in 1919 for Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph company. In 1913-1914 he served as president of the Utah Society of Engineers.