Acronyms of Petroleum Related Terms


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Drilling Technologies

AAR: After Action Review

APD: Application to Permit to Drill

APWD: Annulus Pressure While Drilling

BHA: Bottom Hole Assembly

BOP: Blow Out Preventer

BPV: Back Pressure Valve

BRT: Below Rotary Table

BUR: Build-Up rate

CB: Core Barrel

CDP: Comprehensive Drilling Plan

CHFF: Cased Hole Friction Factor

COF: Coefficient of Fraction

CSG: Casing

CTD: Coiled Tubing Drilling

DC: Drill Collar

DD: Directional Drilling

DDM: Derrick Drilling Machine

DHSV: Downhole Safety Valve

DIF: Drill-In Fluid

DIMS: Drilling Information Management System

DLS: Dog Leg Severity

DP: Drill Pipe

DPDV: Dynamically Positioned Drilling

DSA: Double Stud Adaptor

DST: Drill Stem Test

DSV: Diving Support Vessel (offshore)

DSV: Drilling SuperVisor

DWOP: Drill Well On Paper

DWS: Drilling & Workover Schedule

ECD: Equivalent Circulating Density

EP: Entry Point

ER: Extended Reach

ERD: Extended Reach Drilling

ESD: Emergency Shut Down

FC: Float Collar

FCP: Final Circulating Pressure

FF: Friction Factor

GL: Ground Level

GPM: Gallons Per Minute

HCM: Hole Condition Monitoring

HGR: Hanger

HTHP: High Temperature, High Pressure

HWDP: Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

ICV: Interval Control Valve

ID: Inner Diameter

JU: Jack-Up (offshore)

KB: Kelly Bushing

KOP: Kick off Point

KRP: Kill Rate Pressure

LCM: Lost Circulation Material

LGS: Low Gravity Solids in mud

LMR: Lower Marine Riser

LMV: Lower Master Valve

LOLER: Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

LOT: Leak-Off Test

LP: Landing Point

LS: Long String

LSYP: Low Shear Yield Point

LWD: Logging While Drilling

MAASP: Maximum Acceptable Annular Shut-in Pressure

MD: Measured Depth

MDR: Main Drilling Report

MDSS: Measured Depth Sub-Sea

ML: Multi-Lateral

MRC: Maximum Reservoir Contact

MUT: Make Up Torque

MW: Mud Weight

MWD: Measuring While Drilling

NDC: National Drilling Company

NDF: Non Damaging Fluids

NMDC: Non Magnetic Drill Collars

NPSH: Net Positive Suction Head

NPT: Non Productive Time

NRV: Non Return Valve

OBM: Oil Based Mud

P&A: Plugged & Abandon

PBR: Polished Bore Receptacle

PBTD: Plug Back Total Depth

PCF: Pounds per Cubic Feet

PDC: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (for bits)

PKR: Packer

POH: Pull Out of Hole

PPG: Pounds Per Gallon

PPT: Particle Plugging Test

PWD: Pressure While Drilling

RIH: Run In Hole

RMS: Ratcheting Mule Shoe

ROP: Rate of Penetration

RPM: Rotations Per Minute

RSS: Rotary Steerable System

RTDT: Real Time Data Transmission

RTKB: Rotary Table Kelly Bushing

RTOC: Real Time Operations Center

SBF: Synthetic Base Fluid

SBM: Synthetic Base Mud

SDI: Standard Drilling Instruction

SL: Surface Location

SPP: Stand Pipe pressure

SPR: Strokes Per Minute

SS: Short String

SS: Sub Sea

SSD: Selective Shutting Device

Stab: Stabilizer

TBG: Tubing

TD: Total Depth

TDS: Top Drive System

TFA: Total Flow area

THS: Tubing Head Spool

TOL: Top of Liner

TTRD: Through Tubing Rotary Drilling

TST: True Stratigraphic Thickness

TVD: True Vertical Depth

TVDss: True Vertical Depth sub-sea

TVT: True Vertical Thickness

UBD: Underbalance Drilling

USR: Ultra Short Radius

WBM: Water Based Mud

WDL: Well Delivery Limit

WDW: Water Disposal Well

WLEG: Wireline Entry Guide

WOB: Weight on Bit

WOC: Wait on Cement

WOW: Wait on Weather

WSW: Water Supply Well

YP: Yield Point


AGC: Advanced Gas Conversion

AGGI: Asab Gas Gathering & Injection

AGP: Asab Gas Plant

AIDA: Asset Integrity Data Assessment System

AIMS: Asset Integrity Management System

BACT: Best Available Control Technology

BMS: Building Maintenance Service

CA: Corrosion Allowance

CI: Corrosion Inhibitor

CS: Carbon Steel

CCR: Central Control Room

CDS: Central Degassing Station

CIMS: Corrosion and Inspection Management System

CIPS: Close Internal Potential Survey

CP: Cathodic Protection

CPP: Central Processing Plant

CRA: Corrosive Resistive Alloy

CTR: Cost, Time, Resource sheet

EPC: Engineering, Procurement, Construction

EPS: Early Production Scheme

EWDF: Effluent Water Disposal Facilities

FBE: Fusion Bonded Epoxy

FDIS: Field Data Interface System

FEED: Front End Engineering Design

FFDP: Full Field Development Plan

FFP: Full Field Plan

FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

FPSO: Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading

FST: Flow Suction Tank

FTA: Fault Tree Analysis

GOSP: Gas Oil Separation Plant

GRE: Glass Reinforced Epoxy

GT: Gas Turbine

GTAU: Gas Turbine Auxiliary Unit

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene

HIC: Hydrogen Induced Cracking

IAI: Integrity Assurance Index

ICMS: Inspection and Corrosion Management System

ICS: Incident Command System

IDCS: Integrated Distribution Control System.

IMC: Interface Management Center

IMS: Integrity Management System

IMT: Incident Management Team

IPIMS: Intelligent Pigging and Inspection Management System

IPS: Intelligent Pigging Survey

LTCS: Low Temperature Carbon Steel

MOC: Management Of Change

MOL: Main Oil Line

MOPO: Manual of Permitted Operations

MPFM: Multi-Phase Flow Meter

MPP: Multi Phase Pump

NOx: Nitrogen Oxides

NRV: Non Return Valve

PFD: Process Flow Diagram

PID: Project Identification Document

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PMRF: Plant Modification Request Form

PP: Production Pads

PPR: Post Project Report

PSC: Positive Seal Coupling

PWRI: Power Water Re-Injection

QCAT: Quality Criticality Assessment Team

QRA: Quantitative Risk Assessment

RAMS: Remote Are Medical Services

RBA: Risk Based Audit

RBI: Risk Based Inspection

RDS: Remote Degassing Station

RFC: Ready for Commissioning

ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicle

RVP: Reid Vapour Pressure

SOW: Scope of Work

SOx: Sulphur Oxides

SMDS: Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis

SPD: Slurry Phase Distilate

SPM: Single Point Mooring

SSC: Sulphide Stress Cracking

TEG: Tri-Ethylene Glycol

TOR: Terms of Reference

TPI: Third Party Inspection

TQ: Technical Query

WIMS: Well Integrity Management System

Geophysical Sciences

1D: One Dimensional

3D: Three Dimensional

AAI: Absolute Acoustic Impedance

AAMO: Apparent Anisotropic Move Out (WesternGeco)

AFPR: Acquisition Foot Print Removal

AGC: Automatic Gain Control

AGORA: Adaptative Ground Roll Attenuation (from CGG)

AMO: Azimuth Move Out

AI: Acoustic Impedance

AVA: Amplitude Versus Angle

AVAZ: Amplitude Versus Azimuth

AVO: Amplitude Versus Offset

CDP: Common Depth Point

CMP: Common Mid Point

DECON: Deconvolution

DMO: Dip Move Out

DPC: Datum Plane of Computation

FK: Frequency Wavenumber

EI: Elastic Impedance

FDNAT: Frequency-Dependent Noise Attenuation

FFT: Fast Fourier Transform

GLI: Generalized Linear Inversion

GPS: Global Positioning System

HF: High Frequency

HR: High Resolution

IMA: Internal Multiple Attenuation

LF: Low Frequency

MAZ: Multi Azimuth

NMO: Normal Move Out

OBC: Ocean Bottom Cable

OMAF: Onshore Abu Dhabi Multiple Attenuation Task Force

OWT: One Way Time

PSDM: Pre-Strack Depth Migration

PSTM: Pre-Stack Time Migration

Q: Quality Factor (describes degree of attenuation and dispersion)

RAMUR: High Resolution Radon Multiple Removal

RAZ: Rich Azimuth

RMS: Root Mean Square

RNA: Random Noise Attenuation

RNMO: Residual Normal Move Out

RP: Receiver Point

S/N: Signal to Noise Ratio

SCAC: Surface Consistent Amplitude Correction

SCFIL: Structurally Consistent Filtering

SMA: Surface Multiple Attenuation

SP: Shot Point

Spectrum: A Function of Frequency

SR: Sampling Rate

SRME: Surface-Related Multiple Attenuation

TB: Time Break

T-D: Time-Depth

TWT: Two Way Time

VP: Vibroseis Point

VSP: Vertical Seismic Profile

WATS: Wide Azimuth Towed Streamer

WAZ: Wide Azimuth

Field Technologies

CWE: Collaborative Work Environment

DCSs: Decision Control Systems

DHFC: Down Hole Flow Control

DHV: Digital Hydraulic Valve

DOAMS: Digital OilField and Asset Management System

DOFF: Digital Oil Field of the Future

DSI: Discrete Smooth Interpolation

DTS: Distributed Temperature Sensor

EMI: Electromagnetic Imaging

FDIS: Field Data Interface System

IAOM: Integrated Asset Operations Module

ICD: Inflow Control Device

ICV: Inflow Control Valves

i-Field: Intelligent Field

MRC: Maximum Reservoir Contact

PDHG: Permanent Downhole Gauge

PDHMS: Pressure Downhole Monitoring System

ROSS: Remotely Operated Sliding Sleeves

RTDT: Real Time Data Transmission

RTOS: Real Time Operations Center

RTU: Remote Terminal Unit

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCU: Surface Control Unit

SDACS: Surface Data Acquisition and Control System

SPRM: Smart Pilot Reservoir Monitoring

Petroleum Engineering/Production Technology

A/L: Artificial Lift

AAP: After Action Review

AOF: Absolute Open Flow

ASV: Annular Safety Valve

AV: Annular Velocity

AWO: Approval Well Operation

BHFP: Bottom Hole Flowing Pressure

BHFT: Bottom Hole Flowing Temperature

BPV: Back Pressure Valve

BTX: Benzine, Toluene, Xylene

CBL: Cement Bond Log

CHP: Casing Hanger Pressure

CITHP: Closed In Tubing Hanger Pressure

CIV: Chemical Injection Valve

CQP: Cement Quality Parameters

CRA: Corrosive Resistive Alloy

CsF: Caesium Formate

CTCO: Coiled Tubing Clean Out

CTU: Coiled Tubing Unit

CWOR: Completion Work Over Riser

D&C: Drilling and Completion

DCI: Downhole Chemical Injection

DHI: Down Hole Injection

DHP: Down Hole Pump

DP: Dual producer

DST: Drill Stem Testing

DWOP: Drill Well On Paper

EDTA: Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid

EGMBE: Ethylene Glycol Mono-Butyl Ether

ELT: Economic Limit Test

ESP: Electrical Submersible Pump

FBHP: Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure

FIT: Formation Integrity Test

FIV: Formation Isolation Valve

FOSV: Full Opening Safety Valve

FPSO: Floating Production Storage and Offloading

FV: Float Valve

FWHP: Flowing Well Head Pressure

FWV: Flow Wing Valve

GBS: Gravity Based Structure

GL: Gas Lift

GLM: Gas Lift Mandrels

GLV: Gas Lift Valve

HGS: High Gravity Solids

HPHT: High Pressure High Temperature

HSP: Hydraulic Submersible Pump

ICD: Inflow Control Device

ICV: Inflow Control Valve

LIH: Lost In Hole

LS: Long String

MEG: Mono Ethylene Glycol

MIYP: Maximum Internal Yield Pressure

Mnt: Maintenance

MSR acid: Mud Silt Removal acid

MuSol: Mutual Solvent

MVERT: Corrosion log from Baker Hughes

NAPF: Non Aqueous Phase Fluid

NASA: Non Active Side Arm

NPSH: Net Positive Suction Head

NRV: Non Return Valve

OD: Outer Diameter

OGD: Onshore Gas Development

PBR: Polished Bore Receptacle

PBTD: Plug Back Total Depth

PCP: Progressive Cavity Pump

PKR: Packer

PTA: Pressure Transient Analysis

PWRI: Produced Water Re-Injection

PWV: Production Wing Valve

RDF: Reservoir Drilling Fluid

RTTS: Retrievable Test Treat Squeeze

SAP: Sustainable Annulus Pressure

SARA: Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, Asphaltenes

SBF: Synthetic Base Fluid

SCSSSV: Surface Control Sub-Surface Safety Valve

SDA: Self Diverting Agent

SIBHP: Shut-in Bottom Hole Pressure

SICP: Shut-In Casing Pressure

SIDPP: Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure

SITHP: Shut-In Tubing Hanger Pressure

SIWHP: Shut-In Well Head Pressure

SPF: Shots Per Foot

SPM: Side Pocket Mandrel

SPP: Stand Pipe Pressure

SS: Short String

SSD: Selective Shutting Device

SSD: Sliding Side Door (same as above)

TBG: Tubing

TCP: Tubing Conveyed Perforations

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids

TSS: Total Suspended Solids

UFO: Unable to Flow and Observe (inactive string category)

UMV: Upper Master Valve

UTA: Umbilical Termination Assembly

VDA: Viscous-elastic Diverting Acid

VDL: Variable Density Log

VES: Viscous Elastic Surfactant

VFP: Vertical Flow Performance

VSD: Variable Speed Drive

WDW: Water Disposal Well

WEG: Wireline Entry Guide

WHM: Wellhead Maintenance

WI: Water Injection

WLL: Wireline Logging

WRSCSSV: Wireline Retrievable Surface Control SSV

WSO: Water Shut-Off

WSW: Water Supply Well

XMT: Xmas Tree

XO: Cross Over

YP: Yield Point


T: Sonic transit time.

ADN: Azimuthal Density Neutron tool

AIT: Array Induction imager Tool.

AIT: Induction log

ARI: Azimuthal Resistivity Imager

BHT: Bottom Hole Temperature

CAL: Caliper

CBL: Cement Bond Log (Schlumberger)

CH: Cased Hole

CHDT: Cased Hole Dynamic Tester

CHFR: Cased Hole Formation Resisitivity

CMR/NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

CNL: Compensated Neutron Log.

CPI: Computer Processing Interpretation

CTU: Coiled Tubing Unit

DFA: Downhole Fluid Analyser

DIT: Dual Induction Tool

DLT: Dual LateroLog Tool

DSI: Dipole Sonic Imager

DTCO: Sonic Compressional

DTSM: Sonic Shear

DTST: Sonic Stoneley

ECS: Elemental Capture Sonde

EMI: Electromagnetic Imager Tool

EMS: Environment Measurement Sonde

EPT: Electromagnetic Propagation Tool

FMI: Fullbore formatiom Micro-Imager

FMS: Formation Micro Scanner

FR: Formation Resistivity factor

FSI: Fluid Scanner Imager

HALS: High Resolution Array Lithology Sonde.

IS: Isolation Scanner Tool (Cement & Corrosion)

K: Permeability

LLD: Laterolog Deep

LIL: Log-Inject-Log

LWD: Logging While Drilling

m: cementation exponent

MDT: Modular Dynamic Tester

MVRT: Multi Verto Log

MWD: Measuring While Drilling

n: saturation exponent

NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Ressonance

NORM: Natural Occurring Radioactive Minerals

NPHI: Neutron pulse Hydrogen index

OH: Open Hole.

PEF: Photoelectric Index

PFI: Pressure Fluid Imaging technology

PLT: Production Logging Tool

PNT: Pulse Neutron Tool

PSW: Bulk volume water (unflushed zone).

PSXO: Bulk volume water (invasion zone).

RCI: Reservoir Characterization Instrument

RFT: Repeat Formation Tester

RHOB: Bulk Density

RPM: Reservoir Performance Monitoring

RRT: Reservoir Rock Type

RST: Reservoir Saturation Tool

RT: True Resistivity

RXO: Resistivity of the invaded zone

SBT: Cement Bond Tool (BAKER Atlas)

SHDT: Stratigraphic High resolution Dipmeter Tool.

SNP: Sidewall Neutron Log

SW: Water Saturation

SXO: Saturation of the invaded zone

TD: Total Depth

TDT: Thermal Decay Time

TLC: Tough Logging Conditions

USI: Ultra sonic imager

USIT: Ultra Sound Image Tool (Cement & Corrosion)

VDL: Variable Density Log

W/L: Wireline

WLL: Wireline Logging

WFL: Water Flow Log

Professional Associations/Societies

AADE: American Association of Drilling Engineers

AAPG: American Association of Petroleum Geologists

AGIA: The Australian Geoscience Information Association

AICHE: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

APEGGA: Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta

ASA: American Statistical Association

ASPO: Association for the Study of Peak Oil

CSChE: Canadian Society or Chemical Engineering

EAGE: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers

ESG: Emirates Society of GeoScience

IACMAG: International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics

IADG: International Association of Drilling Contractors

IAGC: International Association of GeoChemistry

IAOGP: International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

PESA: Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association

PESA: Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia

PJVA: Petroleum Joint Venture Association

PPDM: Professional Petroleum Data Management

SCA: Society of Core Analysts

SEG: Society of Exploration Geophysicists

SPE: Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPWLA: Society of Petroleum Well Log Analysts

WPC: World Petroleum Council

WPMA: Western Petroleum Markets Association

WRA: World Refining Association

Reservoir Engineering

AOF: Absolute Open Flow

AOV: Air Operated Valve

ARPR: Annual Reservoir Performance Review

BHCIP: Bottom Hole Closed In Pressure

BHP: Bottom Hole Pressure

BHT: Bottom Hole Temperature

BS&W: Bottom Sediment and Water

CFDP: Conceptual Field Development Plan

CGR: Condensate Gas Ratio

DST: Drill Stem Test

EOFL: End of Field Life

EOR: Enhanced Oil Recovery

FBHP: Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure

FE: Flow Efficiency

FFM: Full Field Model

FHP: Flowing Head Pressure

FIT: Formation Integrity Test

FVF: Formation Volume Factor

FWHP: Flowing Well Head Pressure

GOR: Gas Oil Ratio

GPL: Gas Petroleum Liquids

GTL: Gas To Liquids

II: Injectivity Index

IMPES: Implicit to Pressure Explicit to Saturation

IOR: Improved Oil Recovery

IP: Injector to Producer Ratio

IPC: Installed Production Capacity

IPR: Inflow Performance Relationship

ITS: Inflow to Surface

keff: Effective permeability

LGR: Liquid Gas Recovery

LNG: Liquified Natural Gas

LPG: Liquified Petroleum Gas

LPR: Low Permeability Reservoir

LTDP: Long Term Development Plan

MDH: Miller-Dyes-Hutchinson Method

MDT: Modular Dynamic Tester

MICP: Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure

MPFM: Multi-Phase Flow Meter

MWAG: Miscible WAG

NFA: No Further Activity

NGL: Natural Gas Liquids

PBU: Pressure Build Up

PDHM: Permanent Down Hole Monitoring

PEBI: Perpendicular Bisector (for simulation grids)

PFO: Pressure Fall-off

PI: Productivity Index

PIF: Production Improvement Factor

PPG: Pounds Per Gallon

Psi: Pounds per square inch

PWRI: Produced Water Re-Injection

RF: Recovery Factor

RFT: Repeat Formation Tester

RMP: Reservoir Monitoring Program

ROS: Remaining Oil Saturation

RRT: Reservoir Rock Type

SAGD: Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage

SD-DK: Sub-Domain Dual Permeability

SDT: Step Draw-down Test

SG: Static Gradient

SIBHP: Shut-In Bottom Hole Pressure

SIWHP: Shut-In Well Head Pressure

SSCSV: Sub Surface Control Safety Valve

SAR: System Available Rate

STR: System Technical Rate

THP: Tubing Head Pressure

URF: Ultimate Recovery Factor

VE: Vertical Equilibrium

VFP: Vertical Flow Performance

VRR: Voidage Replacement Ratio

WA: Well Availability

WAG: Water Alternating Gas

WAR: Well Available Rate

WDL: Well Deliverability Limit

WHFP: Well Head Flowing Pressure

WPR: Well Potential Rate

WTR: Well Technical Rate