Thomas W. Nehl


Thomas W. Nehl
Thomas W. Nehl
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GM Research Labs
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Thomas Nehl is a leader in designing tools to improve automotive processes. At GM Research Labs in Warren, Michigan and later Delphi in Shelby Township, Michigan, where he is a group leader, he developed novel approaches to the modeling of electronically operated drive and actuator systems that have been used widely within the automotive industry.

Dr. Nehl’s math-based tools have a wide range of automotive applications, including fuel injectors, transmission control solenoids, controlled dampers, relays, rotary and linear actuators, accessory drives, electric power steering, traction drives for electric and hybrid vehicles and a variety of sensors (position, speed, torque). His tools have impacted a number of automotive products, including pivoting armature injectors for General Motors (GM) trucks and sport utility vehicles, port fuel injectors for GM passenger vehicles, linear EGR valves, wheel speed and crankshaft position sensors, low torque ripple PM drives for electric power steering (Delphi) and MR dampers for controlled suspensions (Delphi).

Dr. Nehl holds bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, all in electrical engineering, from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) at Blacksburg, Virginia.