Praveen K. Jain


Praveen K. Jain
Praveen K. Jain
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Queen’s University
Fields of study
Power electronics
IEEE Medal in Power Engineering


Praveen Jain’s advancements of power conversion methods have improved the use of power electronics for practical real-life applications, including the space, telecommunications, and computer industries. During the late 1980s, Dr. Jain developed a new class of single-stage ac-to-dc converters for high-frequency distribution systems that provided reduced mass and volume as well as conservation of stored energy on a spacecraft. During the 1990s, Dr. Jain was one of the first to propose using asymmetrical pulse width modulation control for constant frequency operation of resonant converters. This revolutionized the design of highly reliable, high-density power supplies for the telecommunications industry. He also developed a digital transient controller for ultra-high-speed computer processors to supply nearly glitch-free voltage to the processor without using energy storage capacitors.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Jain is professor, Canada Research Chair and director with the Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research (ePOWER) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.