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Jung U. Seo
Jung U. Seo
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Born in 1934, IEEE Fellow Jung U. Seo studied power engineering at Seoul National University, becoming an instructor of communications and electronics at the Korea Air Force Academy. After graduating in 1957, Seo began studies at Texas A & M University in 1960, completing a master's degree and a doctorate with focus in electromagnetic field theory in 1969. Returning to Korea in 1969, Seo joined the new Agency for Defense Development. After thirteen years with this agency, Seo taught as a professor at Seoul National University professor for a year before accepting a governmental appointment on the digital switching system development project.

At the Korean Telecommunications Agency, Seo managed Time Division Exchange and emphasized quality assurance and quality management. In the early 1990s Seo served a two year appointment as a Vice Minister of Science and Technology, followed by a government appointment as president of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. In 1993, Seo began work on commercialization of Code Division Multiple Access.

Seo was Director of IEEE Region 10 from 2003–2004, was an eminent member of Eta Kappa Nu and was a recipient of the Order of Industrial Service Merit, the Order of Civil Merit, and the Order of Service Merit from the South Korean government.

Seo died on January 11th, 2024.

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