John H. Lau


John H. Lau
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One of the most well-known authors in electronics packaging, John H. Lau’s cutting-edge research has driven reliability improvements and advancements with his extensive research on solder-joint reliability, environmentally friendly solder alternatives, and advanced interconnect techniques. Dr. Lau led an international team to study solder-joint reliability issues and published the first book on the subject in 1991. He published additional influential research addressing reliability in lead-free solder processes and advanced interconnect methods such as flip-chip technology. Dr. Lau has influenced the adoption of lead-free solder processes as the industry shifts to more environmentally friendly interconnect methods, publishing a book providing manufacturing guidelines and parameters in 2003. He was also responsible for converting Agilent Technologies’ entire product line to lead-free. Dr. Lau’s recent work has provided extensive publications on advanced interconnect methods that have helped shape the landscape of 3D integrated-circuit integration technologies. An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Lau is an ITRI Fellow with the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Hsinchu, Taiwan.