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David B. Bogy
David B. Bogy
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David B. Bogy’s contributions toward reducing the spacing of the air bearing sliders in hard disk drives (HDDs) from a gap of several micrometers to only a few nanometers have been key to improving density and capacity. Focusing on the mechanics of data storage systems since the 1970s, Dr. Bogy is well known for the development and continuous improvement of air bearing simulation models. With work that continues today at the Computer Mechanics Laboratory (CML) at the University of California, Berkeley, his air bearing software is used by major disk drive companies for bearing design and simulation. Dr. Bogy has devoted much time to the study of friction, lubrication and wear (tribology) and their effects on HDDs. His innovative educational approach has gained credibility with industry, enabling his students to encounter relevant and current problems and be immediately productive upon graduation.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Bogy is currently the William S. Floyd, Jr. Distinguished Professor in Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.