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Daleep C. Mohla
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Daleep C. Mohla’s dedication to developing safer equipment and promoting safety standards has helped reduce the number of electrical-related accidents in the workplace over the past 25 years. With experience designing and constructing the electrical infrastructure of petrochemical facilities while with Union Carbide from 1976 to 2001, Mohla employed his “safety by design” concepts, examining each infrastructure design aspect to maximize safety, resulting in many innovations. To spread his safety concepts, Mohla became very involved in the standards field, assisting in creating new standards and modifying existing ones. During the 1990s, Mohla served as chair of the Electrical Functional Team of the Process Industry Practices group, convincing industrial entities to share electrical safety designs. Mohla continues to contribute his expertise to the standards process today, serving multiple IEEE Standards Association Working Groups related to petrochemical industry safety and arc flash hazard analysis and recommended practices to improve electrical safety.

An IEEE Fellow, Mohla is currently a principal consultant with DCM Electrical Consulting Services, Inc. in Missouri City, Texas.