Clarence L. Elder


Clarence L. Elder
Georgia, USA
Associated organizations
Elder Systems


Clarence L. Elder was born in Georgia in 1935. Pursuing a career in the field of electronics, Elder graduated from Morgan State College (now Morgan State University), in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1976, Clarence Elder was awarded a patent for a monitoring and energy conservation control system. Called an Occustat, the control system is designed to reduce energy use in temporarily vacant homes and buildings, especially useful for hotels and school rooms. The energy control system consists of a series of energy units linked by electronic beam aimed across the building entrance. The system monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic in order to gauge occupancy of the structure. When the building or room is empty of people, the beam sets the Occustat system into motion, reducing heat and light demand and can boast energy savings up to 30 per cent.

Clarence L. Elder is the head of his own research and development firm, Elder Systems Incorporated, based in Baltimore, Maryland. Elder and his associates have developed other systems and devices that have received twelve U.S. and foreign patents, trademarks, and copyrights.