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Amar G. Bose was an engineer, educator and entrepreneur whose name is synonymous with high-end sound systems that produce lifelike audio.

Although primarily known for his acoustics patents, there was more to Dr. Bose than meets the ear. As a professor, he was considered a legend at MIT, having influenced thousands of electrical engineering students and even attracting to his classes students pursuing other fields. The teaching award named in his honor is one of the most coveted in MIT’s Electrical Engineering Department. His research on nonlinear control theory led to an electromagnetic active control suspension for automobiles. The Bose suspension system uses motors, power amplifiers, and control algorithms to provide superior comfort by gliding smoothly over bumpy roads, and superior control by keeping the car body level during aggressive maneuvers.

Dr. Bose was an IEEE Life Fellow and, among many honors, the winner of the IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award. He was a professor at MIT from 1956 to 2001, and was the Chairman and Technical Director of Bose Corporation.