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Chis Farall and his colleague monitor flux systems in computers

Various practical applications of computing such as computer aided design and telecommunications community


  • Computer aided analysis - any program that allows for comparing and contrasting different objects, events, or texts
  • Computer aided engineering - or CAD, any computer process that aids engineer tasks, includes computer aided design and computer aided analysis and othr
  • Computer aided instruction - or CAI, the use of computers to aid teaching and to assist in developing academic skills
  • Computer integrated manufacturing - or CIM, the manufacturing approach of using computers to aid in the entire production process
  • Control engineering computing - the use of computers to assist in control engineering, such as in embedded systems in automobiles
  • Knowledge management - or KM, the strategies used by an organization to identify, classify, and distribute information and experiences
  • Medical information systems - computing systems used to save and make available medical information
  • Military computing - the use of computers by the military to enhance effectiveness, communication and the chain of command
  • Physics computing - the use of computing to assist in the study of physics and physics modeling
  • Publishing - the process of the dissemination of information and of making it available to the general public
  • Telecommunication computing - the use of computers to assist in telecommunication operation
  • Virtual enterprises - or VE, a temporary alliance of persons that come together using computers to share skills in order to respond to business opportunities
  • Virtual manufacturing - the use of computer models to simulate actual manufacturing systems and optimize them
  • World Wide Web - or WWW, a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet, first created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990

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