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Types of different control systems, such as moisture, pressure, temperature and traffic control.


  • Automatic control - the use of controllers to self-regulate a system with minimal human intervention
  • Bidirectional control - a control that allows a system operate in forward or reverse motion
  • Biological control systems - the idea that biological processes exemplify certain characteristics of control systems
  • CAMAC - Computer Automated Measurement and Control, an international standard for modular data handling systems used in nuclear power plants and other industrial applications
  • Centralized control - where the controller elements of a system are located in one dominant position, as opposed to distributed control
  • Cepstral analysis - operations involving a cepstra, which is a mathematical process taking the Fourier transform of the log spectrum and treating it like a signal
  • Closed loop systems - systems that use only internal inputs and are isolated from external ones
  • Delay systems - systems that affect a time shift in a signal but do not change the nature of that signal
  • Medical control systems - biological or artificial systems that control aspects of the human body
  • Moisture control - a system that regulates the amount of moisture in a particular environment
  • Nonlinear control systems - systems that do not follow the principle of superposition and that may have numerous equilibrium points
  • Open loop systems - systems that allow outside inputs to affect the system's internal state
  • PID control - Proportional-Integral-Derivative control, a control which measures an "error" as the difference between a process value and a setpoint, and which attempts to minimize that error
  • Pneumatic systems - systems using pressurized gas which affects mechanical motion
  • Pressure control - a system which aims to control gaseous pressure under preset parameters
  • Temperature control- a system which aims to control material temperatures under preset parameters
  • Traffic control - a system that attempts to move objects (whether vehicles or information packets or other) towards goals with a minimum of congestion

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