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[[Media:EE_Digest_%28Sept_1959%29.pdf|AIEE Student EE Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1]]  
[[Media:EE_Digest_%28Sept_1959%29.pdf|AIEE Student EE Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1]]  
[[Category:Power, energy & industry applications|AIEE]] [[Category:Energy|AIEE]] [[Category:Energy resources|AIEE]] [[Category:Transportation|AIEE]] [[Category:Aerospace and electronic systems|AIEE]] [[Category:Satellites|AIEE]] [[Category:Components, circuits, devices & systems|AIEE]] [[Category:Electronic components|AIEE]] [[Category:Diodes|AIEE]]
[[Category:Energy|AIEE]] [[Category:Energy|AIEE]] [[Category:Energy|AIEE]] [[Category:Transportation|AIEE]] [[Category:Aerospace engineering|AIEE]] [[Category:Satellites|AIEE]] [[Category:Computing and electronics|AIEE]] [[Category:Electronic components|AIEE]] [[Category:Diodes|AIEE]]

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AIEE Student EE Digest: Archival Documents

American Institute of Electrical Engineers for Students, EE Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1, New York, NY, Sept. 1959.

Vol 1, No 1, 1959, AIEE Student EE Digest, Box FB-02

IEEE Archives, Piscataway, NJ

AIEE Student EE Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1