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22:49, 4 March 2013 Ggcooke (talk | contribs) New thread created  

The proposed milestone has great merits but I find the following flaws/glitches in the title:

Words like Toshiba and T1100 may have little meaning in the future. Who will remember them in 20 or more years? Except for abbreviations like RAMAC, TIROS, NAIC., no other IEEE Milestones carry company or product id numbers. With hundreds of new milestones to be named, how will you manage this in the future?

Why use 'PC' when 'personal computer' will do?

I think that the machine's best feature was its portability, not the way it was arranged on the person's lap, or workstation, or desk. I like the word 'portable' instead of 'laptop' in this case. Portable may be better understood by the general public reading your plaque in the future. I believe the laptop was invented later by Apple - I'm a mac.

My comments need not be addressed nor resolved at this time.

Ggcooke22:49, 4 March 2013