Suggested changes to citation from Lyle Feisel

I agree with Lyle's suggestion, although I would avoid using such "magnification" words as "ubiquituous", "quintessential", or "multi-billion" in the original citation. Those words don't contibute to the historical value of the Milestone and might sound somewhat pretentious. My suggestion, then, on Lyle's suggestion would be:

In an effort to automate the reading of product information in a local grocery store, Bernard Silver and Norman Joseph Woodland of the Drexel Institute of Technology developed a solution that later became the Barcode Identification System. Patented in 1952, the Barcode has become a key technology for product identification and inventory control in present Industry and daily life.

Apyuste07:40, 6 September 2011

I prefer Apyuste's wording. Citation has milestone's origin, origination location, significant date and importance. Everything needed. Like a newspaper story, it has the five elements for the reader: Who, What, When, Where and the Why. Mort hans

W2ots22:21, 7 September 2011