Starting point - completion of form

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Let me introduce myself as the Advocate on this submission. I am Fiorenza Albert-Howard, a Life Senior Member in Vancouver Canada. I have read the material presently available on the GHN and I would like for the proposers to complete the form as much as possible, so we can start a review of the submission. For example a citation is needed, and so on for all the following items. Then we can discuss item by item what is sufficient and what needs work on it.

    Fiorenza16:57, 2 June 2013

    You need to communicate with Uday Kapoor, He is the main proposer. He is heading a committee of heavy hitters on this milestone. I am one of his committee mebers. He also was directly involved with SPARC.

    Please copy my direct email for all communications,

    Dick Ahrons IEEE Milestone Coordinator, Santa Clara Valley Section

    PS I have a microprocessor background

      Richard Ahrons23:32, 7 June 2013