Advocate assessment

Hi Juan. Sorry I did not respond to you earlier because I was thinking. But now I'm ready. You've raised some major issues and yes I will proceed accordingly by modifying the GHN. You're right, the nomination should have addressed the work, the activities, the accomplishments, at the site, not professors nor buildings on campus. Therefore I would like to change the title of this milestone proposal. It is not my intention to include normal university academia teachings as part of this nomination. Instead, I want to make the case for special wartime training for men and women of the arms forces, eg. improved teaching methods, special courses, research work, and so on, those activities covering telegraphy, wireless, electronics, radio, and communications, radar, up to the secret work of the Radio Research Laboratory (1942-1945). Harvard received the first government contract to educate and train military personnel. Different programs were established over the years for radio technicians and naval communications officers. The first 'Radio Training School' was established at Cruft in 1917. I hope to make the case that these programs were good by widened the scope and prestige of electronics and communications. Technology benefitted. Good jobs were created.

Anyway, please accept this as a partial response. The revised proposal should come out in a few days and I look forward to future comments.

Gilmore Cooke

Ggcooke23:43, 7 March 2014