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Robots are machines which are guided by programming and are able to perform tasks independent of human operators. Various aspects of robotics, such as humanoid and service robots are included in this subcategory.
An old animatronic robot


  • Automata - (singular, automaton) self-operating machines or autonomous robots
  • Computer vision - also known as "machine vision," the science and technology of machines that are able to see objects
  • Educational robots - robots that allow students to program and interact with them
  • Humanoid robots - robots with the appearance similar to that of a human
  • Intelligent robots - robots imbued with artificial intelligence
  • Manipulators - a device used to manipulate objects without direct human contact, such as a robotic arm
  • Medical robotics - robots used in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of medical problems
  • Mobile robots - automatic machines capable of navigating an environment independently
  • Parallel robots - articulated robots where the end manipulator is connected to the robot base by numerous linkages working in parallel
  • Robot control - the study of the control of robots
  • Robot kinematics - the study of the motion of robots without considering the forces that cause this motion
  • Robot sensing systems - systems that allow robots to sense their environment, using visual, tactile, or other sensors
  • Service robots - robots created to assist human beings, which are usually autonomous
  • Telerobotics - the control of robots from a distance using wireless connections

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