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Various topics dealing with the science of materials including chemical analysis, separation processes and filtration


  • Absorption - the incorporation of substances of one state into a material of another state (such as liquids being absorbed by solids)
  • Aging - the change in the molecular structure of a chemical due to aging
  • Chemical analysis - the study of the separation, identification, and quantification of chemical components of natural and artificial materials
  • Contamination - the presence of an unwanted material in another or in a space
  • Degradation - the decomposition of chemical compounds into simpler compounds
  • Filtration - the mechanical operation of the separation of solids from fluids
  • Hysteresis - the dependence of a system on not only its current environment, but the states of its past environment
  • Impurities - substances in a confined amount of material which differ from the chemical composition of that material
  • Materials handling - the process of ensuring that materials are not tainted or disrupted during movement
  • Materials preparation - the preparing of materials used in an appropriate state for future use
  • Materials testing - the evaluation of the nature and composition of chemicals
  • Microstructure - defined as the structure of a prepared surface revealed by a microscope at above 25x magnification
  • Periodic structures - a structure or system that can be superimposed on itself by a parallel displacement over a distance
  • Pigmentation - materials that change the wavelength of reflected light through selective absorption
  • Separation processes - any mass transfer process used to convert a mixture of substances into two or more distinct product mixtures
  • Surfaces - the outside or covering of a material


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