Martin Schadt

Martin Schadt
Martin Schadt
Associated organizations
Canadian National Research Council
Fields of study
Liquid crystal displays


James Fergason, Wolfgang Helfrich, and Martin Schadt each contributed greatly to the development of twisted-nematic liquid crystal technology. The technology is the display of choice for laptop computers, mobile phones, television sets and hundreds of industrial and consumer products.

Working separately, Helfrich and Fergason conducted fundamental research that contributed to the establishment of twisted-nematic technology, with Helfrich and Schadt later collaborating on the development of a twisted-nematic cell, which led to the first liquid crystal display components. Twisted-nematic mode enabled the development of a practical flat panel display for a wide range of applications and is considered one of the most important technological achievements of the 20th century.

Dr. Schadt is the managing director at MS High-Tech Consulting. He worked for the Canadian National Research Council, is a former director, chief technology officer and CEO of Rolic, Ltd., and was the head of the Roche Liquid Crystals research department. He has published 167 scientific papers, co-authored four books and holds 116 patents, and previously received the Roche Research and Development Prize and Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize of the American Society for Information Display (SID); highest recognition Award of SID. Dr. Schadt received his doctorate from the University of Basel, Switzerland.