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The scientific satellite, Diadème with two radio transmitters and a laser - Image by Pline and The Museum of Air and Space in Paris, France

An acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, lasers are a focused beam which has many applications in today's world. See the main Laser article for a history of this technology


  • Gas lasers - a laser in which the electric current is discharged through a gas to produce coherent light
  • Laser applications - the uses and benefits of lasers
  • Laser excitation - using lasers to excite isotopes to induce separation or for other purposes
  • Laser transitions - or amplifier transition, a transition between two electronic levels of some laser-active ion
  • Pump lasers - lasers that use energy transfer from an external source into the gain medium of the laser
  • Quantum well lasers - a laser diode in which the active region of the device is narrow enough to cause quantum confinement
  • Ring lasers - a laser in which the laser cavity has the shape of a ring
  • Semiconductor lasers - lasers based on a semiconductor gain media, where optical gain is achieved by stimulated emission at an interband transition
  • Solid-state lasers - a laser that uses a gain medium that is solid rather than liquid or gas
  • Surface emitting lasers - a laser in which light propagates in the direction perpendicular to the surface, a type of semiconductor laser

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