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Circuit Board used in a 1960's aircraft communication systems

Elements of communications systems, such as protocols, quality of service and routing are covered


  • Cross layer design - a communications system design that transports feedback dynamically between layers, as opposed to a strict OSI model
  • Data buses - a subsystem that transfers data between components of a computer
  • MIMO - Multiple-Input and Multiple Output (pronounced me-moh), the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to improve performance
  • Protocols - systems of digital message formats and rules for exchanging those messages
  • Quality of service - or QoS, the ability of a communications system to provide priority to different applications or data flows and to guarantee a level of communication for services
  • Routing - the process of selecting paths in a network to send network traffic
  • Subscriber loops - also called the local loop, the physical link or circuit that connects from a customer's premises to the edge of the telecommunication system's network
  • Switching systems - a system that allows the interconnection of various communication lines
  • Synchronous digital hierarchy - or SDH, a standardized multiplexing protocol that transfers multiple bit streams over optical fibers, used primarily outside of North America
  • Telecommunications - the transformation of information over significant distances
  • Videophone systems - a system that combines telephones with video screens for communication


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