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EIJU MATSUMOTO 2-642-22, Nakazato, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo 204-0003, Japan

EDUCATION, ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Ph.D. in Engineering,TAMAGAWA UNIVERSITY, Machida-shi. Tokyo, Credits in the History of Technology, under graduate & post graduate course 1994, University of Maryland, Courage Park in MA Curator in Museology, 1993, TAMAGAWA UNIVERSITY, Machida-shi, Tokyo B.E. in Electronics,SHIZUOKA UNIVERSITY, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Director, The Society of Historical Metrology, Japan,:2002 to present Responsibility, Yokogawa Electric Museum of Measurement Project;1989 to 2003 Research Engineer, Yokogawa Electric Process Control Instruments, to 1989

IEEE ACTIVITIES IEEE; Secretary of JCHC (Japan Council Historical Committee) 2004 to 2012 IEEE; Membership from 1982 No.04892477 (LM) IEEE Publication; “Edward Weston Made His Mark on the History of Instrumentation”

     Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, 6-2,46/50, (2003)


  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, History of Electrical Electronics Instr. 2002 to 2005
  • Gakusyuin University: Curator’s course History of Natural Science 1995 to 2005


  • Visiting Scholar at NMAH Smithsonian Institution, Museology and History of Technology, 1994 & 2004
  • Research of History of Technology and Measuring Instruments 1989 to present



OTHER PUBLICATIONS: History of Technology & Museology

  • ”History of Precise Reading applied to Electrical Measuring Instruments---Focusing on the Diagonal Scale, Transaction of IEEJ 117-A, No.7.740/748,(1997)
  • “Galvanometers and Invention of Self-Balancing Recorders”, Measurement & Control,
 (London), 26-6, 171/175 (1993)
  • ”Exhibit Review, “Chiba Museum of Science and Technology”, T&C 40-1, 102/ (1999),
  • ”The Controversy about the National Air and Space Museum at Smithsonian
 Institution”, Journal of the Museological Society of Japan,21-2,35/54,(1996) 
  • ”The Exhibits of Science and Technology at the Smithsonian Institution—focused on
 the historical background of NMAH” Journal. MSJ 20-1&2,40/56,(1995)


  • “What has Smithsonian been exhibiting”, Tamagawa Univ. Press (2003)
 ( translation of Exhibiting Dilemmas, Smithsonian Press)
  • ”World of Measurement”, Tamagawa Univ. press,(2000)
  • ”Lessons from Smithsonian”, Tamagawa Univ. Press, (1997)
  • ”Birth of Smithsonian Museums”, Yushodo Press(2010)

(translation of The Lost World of James Smithson, Bloomsbury)