Uncas A. Whitaker

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Uncas Aeneas Whitaker was born March 22nd, 1900, and is known for founding Aircraft-Marine Products, AMP Inc., and his philanthropic work sharing his fortune.

He received a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, and electrical engineering degree from Carnegie Institute of Technology, and a law degree from the Cleveland Law School. In 1941 he decided to start his own company; AMP specialized in solderless, uninsulated electrical connections for aircraft and boat manufacturers. Wartime production of battleships and aircraft led to great success for the company.

Currently, AMP Incorporated is the world leader in electrical and electronic connection devices and interconnection systems. They claim 19 percent of the $19 billion worldwide interconnections market.

U. A. Whitaker died in September of 1975, and the Whitaker Foundation was founded, providing $120 million of his wealth in support of Biomedical Engineering education and research.