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Dear Mischa -

I fully agree with your suggestions and I have already made necessary corrections in the title and the accompanying material. Thank you for attracting my attention to old Erickson's paper. Of course I know it. I had not cited it simply being afraid to include too many references. However the paper of Erickson and two book chapters published later in line with that paper are important for the IEEE Milestone as, for example, he clearly mentioned the date of the test of Zenit: October 1938.

Still that paper was based not on the Gen. Lobanov's book of 1973 but on his preceding article dated 1962. The book is much more detailed and deeply develops many topics around the USSR radars before and during WW-II including the UIPT team and Zenit radar.

Best regards, A;lexander

20:02, 12 July 2014