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Hi Mike, from the IEEE milestone proposal guidelines...

"Writing a good citation The goal is to make the citation as meaningful as possible to the general public. One of the secrets to writing a good citation is to focus on the achievement, and what made the achievement most significant. The broader the claim, the harder it is to support, and thus the harder for the History Committee to approve the milestone. "First" is often difficult to prove, so it is best to avoid the word unless you have very solid documentation."

I know from my involvement with the committee that "first" can be a problematic claim. Apart from the technologies in the proposal, there just might have been earlier ways in which space technology has enabled human life saving and rescue. Some things which come to mind are 1) imaging; 2) communications. Given that, you may wish to consider an edit of the citation.

Your thoughts ?

17:12, 8 November 2014