Emergence of TFT-LCD Display Technology

I too feel editing is needed: What does TFT mean? The writing is very much overdone with too much editorializing- "breathtaking", "vacillating companies" "major-league status" don't belong in the citation. The comments above on the RCA work have to be addressed as well.

  Mischa Schwartz
Mischaschwartz14:56, 7 August 2013

Answering Mischa Schwartz’s question, TFT is an acronym of thin-film-transistor. As far back as 1968, Bernie Lechner of RCA first proposed to use TFTs in matrix array of liquid-crystal cells (later termed “Active Matrix ” by Peter Brody), but technologies to realize his concept did not exist at that time. There have been a long list of developments assisted for instance by the inventions of TN(twisted nematic) mode of operation and hydrogen-added amorphous silicon. Finally in 1988 Sharp achieved a 14” full-color full-motion display that can be used for television application.

Hiro Kawamoto, advocate

Kawamoto02:36, 11 August 2013