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1. the proposed title 'Invention of Stereo' might be too ambiguous - from the context it clearly refers to stereo SOUND, but the term could also be applied to stereo images and photgraphy, so a title such as 'Invention of Stereo Sound Reproduction' could be more accurate.

2. The answer given to the Section in which the milestone would reside is given as 'Region 8'. The Section is 'UKRI' so this needs correction. Of course, the UKRI Section is in Region 8, but that is not what the proposal form asks about.

Tony Davies 2013 Oct 19th

    Tonydavies14:47, 19 October 2013

    Change in title now made, thank you.

    The Section Chair (just starting two years in office from January 2014, is Dr. Steve Nightingale. I believe that he will gladly provide the needed letter. The Section Treasurer, Nick Wright, also needs to be advised of this proposal.

    Tony Davies 2014 Feb 16th

      Tonydavies16:42, 16 February 2014