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Docket #:

This Proposal has been approved, and is now a Milestone Nomination

What is the name of the proposed milestone?


What is the location of the proposed milestone?


In what IEEE section does it reside?


In What Year or Years was the work performed?*


What is the historical significance of the work (its technological, scientific, or social importance)?


What features set this work apart from similar achievements?


What obstacles (technical, political, geographic) needed to be overcome?


Describe briefly the intended site(s) of the milestone plaque(s). The intended site(s) must have a direct connection with the achievement (e.g. where developed, invented, tested, demonstrated, installed, or operated, etc.). A museum where a device or example of the technology is displayed, or the university where the inventor studied, are not, in themselves, sufficient connection for a milestone plaque.


Are the original buildings extant?


How is the site protected/secured, and in what ways is it accessible to the public?


Who is the present owner of the site(s)?


Has the owner of the site agreed to have it designated as an Electrical Engineering Milestone?


Please specify the IEEE Organizational Unit(s) which have agreed to sponsor the Milestone nomination, and list the contact information for the senior officer from those OU(s).