Susumu Namba

Susumu Namba
Susumu Namba
Associated organizations
Osaka University
Fields of study
Microfabrication, Lasers


Dr. Susumu Namba, Professor Emeritus at Osaka University and the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, and the Honorary Scientist of RIKEN, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, has pioneered many innovations in beam-based micro fabrication for micro and optical electronic devices.

He developed the first electron beam micro fabrication technology, leading to electron beam lithography for semiconductor manufacturing. He developed the ion implantation technology, and made an academic basis for the technique. His groundbreaking techniques for submicron control of doping profiles and the development of the ion beam etching technique are credited with bringing the semiconductor into the submicron era.

His work with focused ion beam systems with liquid-metal ion sources has had a profound influence on the semiconductor industry, creating new, greatly improved methods for failure analysis, circuit repair and modification, in situ processing and lithographic mask repair.

His pioneering work on the modulation of light with electro-optic effects in ’50s led to the present light communication technology. Besides, he made pioneering works on the excimer laser lithography and synclotron (SOR) lithography.