Steven A. Boggs

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The expertise of Steven A. Boggs has led to greater understanding of the root causes of failure in power cable insulation and gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for more reliable transmission and distribution networks. He has developed methods that compute the transient electric field and conductivity at nanoscales and introduced quantum mechanics to the conductivity calculations and the impact of defects. His work has enabled equipment engineers to employ higher design stresses in GIS and transmission-class cross-linked polyethylene cable without increasing the risk of failure. Boggs developed the first online partial discharge (PD) detector for GIS, which utilized ultrahigh frequency for PD detection. This allows detection of the most common manufacturing, installation, and aging-related issues without destructive tests. He also has improved the reliability of surge arrestors through modelling deterioration processes.

An IEEE Fellow, Boggs (deceased) was president of Nonlinear Systems, Inc., Ashford, CT, USA.