Richard W. Ziolkowski

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Richard W. Ziolkowski


One of the world's most influential and pioneering researchers in electromagnetics, Richard W. Ziolkowski’s contributions to metamaterials and localized wave phenomena have enabled novel applications for wireless and optical technologies. Metamaterials are engineered to provide smart properties not found in natural materials. Ziolkowski has exploited their capabilities for blocking, absorbing, enhancing, or bending electromagnetic waves to achieve benefits beyond what is possible with conventional materials. He has demonstrated the usefulness of metamaterials for wireless antenna topologies that are portable, small, multiband, and highly efficient. Ziolkowski also led the realization of localized wave phenomenon where electromagnetic power can be beamed over relatively long distances with less rapid intensity decay. His findings in this area have substantial current relevance to wireless power transfer applications.

An IEEE Fellow, Ziolkowski is a Distinguished Professor with the University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo, Australia.