Oral-History:National Science Foundation (NSF)

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National Science Foundation (NSF) Oral History Project

In the early 1990s, The IEEE History Center conducted a series of oral history Interviews to document the history of National Science Foundation (NSF)  funding for computing and computer science research funding.  Many of the History Center's other interviews also cover NSF funding.

These oral histories on the GHN were done as part of this project, and thus document as  well as the influence of funding on individual careers:

Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe Oral History

Wayne Cowell Oral History

Martin Davis Oral History

Robert M. Gray Oral History (1991)

David Gries Oral History

Juris Hartmanis Oral History

Martin Hellman Oral History

Walter Karplus Oral History

Barbara Liskov Oral History

Bertram Raphael Oral History

Daniel Siewiorek Oral History

Theodore Van Duzer Oral History