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|First Satellite Broadcast to the Public
|First Satellite Broadcast to the Public
|Field Effect Electron Microscope
|Field Effect Electron Microscope

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List of Milestones by Region

The following is a list of dedicated IEEE Milestones organized by geographic region. To see lists of IEEE Milestones sorted by other properties, see:

Region 1

Date Dedicated Name of Milestone Section
1982 Electrification of NY, NH railroad Connecticut
1987 Two-way Police Radio North Jersey
1987 FM Police Radio Connecticut
1988 Demonstration of Practical Telegraphy North Jersey
1990 Adams Hydroelectric Plant Buffalo
1990 MIT Radiation Lab Boston
1992 Alexanderson Radio Alternator Schenectady
2001 Monochrome-Compatible Color TV Princeton/Central New Jersey
2002 Transatlantic TV by Satellite Maine
2004 Boston Electrical Fire Alarm Boston
2004 Alternating Current Electrification Berkshire
2004 Boston Rapid Transit Power System Boston
2006 First Intelligible Speech over Wire Boston
2006 Edison Site at Menlo Park Princeton/Central Jersey
2006 Liquid Crystal Display Princeton/Central New Jersey
2008 Edison Lab and Factory,West Orange North Jersey
2008 Fessenden Broadcast Boston
2008 Largest DC Generating Plant in US New York
2009 Invention of Transistor North Jersey
2009 Franklin Experiments in Philadelphia Philadelphia
2009 Watson Research Center New York
2010 TIROS Satellite Princeton/Central Jersey
2011 Edison Pearl Street Station New York
2011 Lunar Module Long Island
2011 Real-Time Packet Switching Boston
2011 Apollo Guidance Computer Boston
2012 Low Loss Optical Fiber Corning Section/Photonics Society
2012 LORAN Boston
2012 Whirlwind Computer Boston
2012 SAGE system Boston

Region 2

Date Dedicated Name of Milestone Section
1985 Westinghouse Atom Smasher Pittsburgh
1987 ENIAC Philadelphia
1989 Manufacture of Transistors Lehigh Valley
1994 KDKA Commercial Radio Pittsburgh
2001 US Naval Computing Lab Dayton
2012 B&O Railroad electrification Baltimore

Region 3

Date Dedicated Name of Milestone Section
1986 First Central Power Station in South Carolina Coastal South Carolina
1992 Richmond Union Passenger Railway Richmond
2001 Electrical Technology for Space Launches Canaveral

Region 4

Date Dedicated Name of Milestone Section
1977 Vulcan Street hydroelectric plant Northeastern Wisconsin
1987 One-way Police Radio Southeastern Michigan
1990 Atanasoff-Berry Computer Central Iowa
1999 Wearable Cardiac Pacemaker Twin Cities
2001 Byrd Antartic Shortwave Cedar Rapids
2012 First Reliable HV Fuse Chicago

Region 5

1988 Ames Hydroelectric Station Pikes Peak
1990 Transcontinental Telegraph Denver
1991 Shoshone Transmission Line Denver
1999 Georgetown Steam/Hydro Plant Denver
1999 Merril Wheel Balancing System Denver
2005 TaumSauk Pumped Storage St Louis
2009 Speak-and-Spell Speech IC Dallas
2010 First 16-bit Monolithic DAC Dallas
2011 Mercury Spacecraft Controls St Louis

Region 6

1984 Stanford Linear Accelerator San Francisco Bay Area Council
1997 Mill Creek Hydroelectric Station Foothill
2000 Opana Radar Hawaii
2004 Experimental Breeder Reactor Eastern Idaho
2005 RAMAC Santa Clara Valley
2009 Pocket-sized Electronic Calculator Santa Clara Valley
2009 Planar Process Integrated Circuit Santa Clara Valley
2009 Birthplace of Internet Coastal Los Angeles
2009 Inception of Arpanet Santa Clara
2010 Demonstration of Working Laser Metro Los Angeles
2011 SPICE Circuit Simulation Program Santa Clara
2012 Floating Gate EEPROM Santa Clara Valley

Region 7

1985 Landing of Transatlantic Telegraph Newfoundland-Labrador
1985 Reception of Transatlantic Radio Signals Newfoundland-Labrador
1993 Alouette-Isis Satellite Ottawa
2004 Decew Falls Hydroelectric Plant Hamilton
2005 735kV AC Transmission system Quebec
2005 Nelson River HVDC Winnipeg
2006 TAT-1 Telephone Cable Newfoundland-Labrador and Canadian Atlantic
2008 First Distant Speech Transmission Hamilton
2008 Piniwa Hydroelectric Winnipeg
2009 First External Pacemaker Toronto
2010 First TV Broadcast in Western Canada Vancouver
2010 Radio Astronomy Using VLBA Vancouver
2010 TRIUMF Cyclotron Vancouver
2011 Eel River HVDC Converter New Brunswick

Region 8

1994 Poulsen Arc Radio Transmitter Denmark
1999 Volta's Battery Italy
1999 Operational Use of Wireless South Africa
2000 County Kerry Wireless Station UKRI
2001 Transmission of Transatlantic Radio UKRI
2002 Shannon Electrification UKRI
2002 Transatlantic TV by Satellite France, UKRI
2002 Pioneering Work on Quartz Watch Switzerland
2003 Marconi Early Wireless Experiments Switzerland
2003 Franklin's Work in London UKRI
2003 Bletchley Park Codebreaking UKRI
2004 Fleming Valve UKRI
2004 Lempel-Ziv Algorithm Israel
2005 Popov's Radio Work Russia Northwest
2005 Vucje Hydroelectric Plant Yugoslavia
2005 CERN Instrumentation France
2006 Callan's Pioneering Contributions UKRI
2006 WEIZAC Computer Israel
2006 TAT-1 Telephone Cable UKRI
2007 Early Remote Control Spain
2009 Maxwell's Equations UKRI
2009 Shilling Early Telegraph Russia Northwest
2009 Compact Disc Player Benelux
2010 Star of Laufenburg Interconnection Switzerland
2010 Branly's Discovery of Radioconduction France
2010 Public-Key Cryptography UKRI
2011 Discovery of Superconductivity Benelux
2011 Marconi's First Wireless Experiments Italy

Region 9

2001 Chivilingo Hydroelectric Plant Chile
2001 Arecibo Radio Telescope Puerto Rico and Carribean
2003 Panama Canal Electrical Installations Panama

Region 10

1995 Yagi Antenna Tokyo
2000 Mount Fuji Radar Nagoya
2000 Shinkansen Bullet Train Tokyo
2004 Commercial Quartz Wristwatch Tokyo
2005 Pioneering Work on Calculators Kansai
2006 Development of VHS Tokyo
2007 Railroad Ticketing System Kansai
2008 Japanese Word Processor Tokyo
2009 Development of Electronic TV 1924-41 Nagoya
2009 Development of Ferrite Materials Tokyo
2009 Yosami Transmitting Station Nagoya
2009 Transpacific Reception of Satellite TV Tokyo
2010 Kurobe Hydropower Plant Kansai
2010 Commercialization of Photovoltaics Kansai
2011 First Satellite Broadcast to the Public Tokyo
2012 Field Effect Electron Microscope Tokyo
2012 G3 Facsimile Tokyo

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