Mervin S. Coover

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Mervin S. Coover
Mervin S. Coover
Associated organizations
General Electric (GE), Iowa State College

1956 -1957

Mervin S. Coover, AIEE President, 1956 - 1957, worked at the University of Colorado as both a professor and a dean. He also served as the assistant regional coordinator of the Engineering Science and Management Defense Training Program.


M. S. Coover (AM '16, F '42) associate dean, Division of Engineering, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, was AIEE president from 1956 to 1957. He was born in Shippensburg, Pa., on December 9, 1890, and was graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the degree of electrical engineering in 1914. Following a year with the New York Central Railroad and two years with the Montana Power Company he entered the U. S. Army and served in the AEF. The University of Colorado appointed him instructor in 1919, assistant professor in 1920, associate professor in 1922, and professor in 1930. The Iowa State College appointed him professor and head of the department of electrical engineering in 1935 and associate dean in 1954.

In 1942 he was named assistant regional coordinator of the Engineering Science and Management Defense Training Program. From 1942 to 1944 he was Director of the Naval Training School-Electrical at the Iowa State College. At various times during his engineering education career Dean Coover was employed by the General Electric Company, the City of Denver, the Public Service Company of Colorado, and other organizations to conduct special studies.

Dean Coover has served on the following AIEE committees: Automatic Stations (1927-29), Sections (1937-46; Chairman, 1940-42), Education (1937-47, 1949-56), Research (1937-40), Planning and Coordination (1940-42), Board of Directors (1940-44,1955-57), Edison Medal (1941-46, 1955-56), Publication (1944-48), Hertz Award (1944-55), Special Committee on District Boundaries (1944-46 ), Engineers Council for Professional Development (1945-52), Washington Award Commission (194648), Code of Principles of Professional Conduct (1954-56), Lamme Medal (1955-56), Registration of Engineers (1955-56), Transfers (1955-56), and General Applications Division (1955-56). He was secretary, North Central District ·No. 6 (1929-33) and vice-president, Great Lakes District No. 5 (1944-46). Dean Coover is a member of American Society for Engineering Education, Engineer's Council for Professional Development, Iowa Engineering Society, Engineers Joint Council, National Society of Professional Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Phi. Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Sigma Tau. He was the recipient of the 1938 John Dunlap Memorial Award of the Iowa Engineering Society. He has also worked on several committees for the State of Iowa.