List of Presidents of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)

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IRE Presidents, 1912-1962

IRE Past Presidents, 1966. L-R, George Bailey, Arthur V. Loughren, Donald G. Fink, John D. Ryder, Donald B. Sinclair, Haraden Pratt, Stuart L. Bailey, Alfred N. Goldsmith, Ivan S. Coggeshall, Ernst Weber, Frederick B. Llewellyn

Robert H. Marriott, 1912, completed the first Pacific Coast commercial broadcasting system operative between an island off the coast of California and the California mainland. Also, he was the first man in America to use the telephone and detector method for radio reception.

Greenleaf W. Pickard, 1913, received a patent for a silicon crystal detector in 1906, and he founded the Wireless Specialty Apparatus Company in order to market his detectors.

Louis W. Austin, 1914, worked at the Bureau of Standards, where he studied radio propagation studies. He also supervised a radio laboratory at the Bureau of Standards.

John Stone Stone, 1915, invented the Stone common battery, and served as associate engineer for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company’s research and development department.

Arthur E. Kennelly, 1916, co-founded the Heaviside-Kennelly layer in the ionosphere with Oliver Heaviside in 1901, which contributed to the study of radio waves.

Michael I. Pupin, 1917, taught mathematical physics at Columbia University. He also studied wave propagation, and applied his findings to long distance telephony experiments and research.

George W. Pierce, 1918-19, is considered to be one of the founding fathers of communication engineering.

John V. L. Hogan, 1920, was one of the founders of the classical music radio station WQXR. He was also the founder of the Society of Wireless Telegraph Engineers.

Ernst F. W. Alexanderson, 1921, invented a self-exciting alternator. He also designed a series of high-frequency alternators for radio use.

Fulton Cutting, 1922, was former president and chairman of the Colonial Radio Corporation in Buffalo, New York.

Irving Langmuir, 1923

John Harold Morecroft, 1924

John H. Dellinger, 1925

Donald M. McNicol, 1926

Ralph Bown, 1927

Alfred N. Goldsmith, 1928

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Albert Hoyt Taylor, 1929

Lee de Forest, 1930

Ray H. Manson, 1931

Walter G. Cady, 1932

Lewis M. Hull, 1933

C. M. Jansky, Jr., 1934

Charles Stuart Ballantine, 1935

Alan Hazeltine, 1936

Harold H. Beverage, 1937

Haraden Pratt, 1938

Raymond A. Heising, 1939

Lawrence C. F. Horle, 1940

Frederick E. Terman, 1941

Arthur F. Van Dyck, 1942

Lynde P. Wheeler, 1943

Hubert M. Turner, 1944

William L. Everitt, 1945

Frederick B. Llewellyn, 1946

Walter R. G. Baker, 1947

Benjamin E. Shackelford, 1948 

Stuart L. Bailey, 1949

Raymond F. Guy, 1950

Ivan S. Coggeshall, 1951

Donald B. Sinclair, 1952

James W. McRae, 1953

William R. Hewlett, 1954

John D. Ryder, 1955

Arthur V. Loughren, 1956

John T. Henderson, 1957 

Donald G. Fink, 1958

Ernst Weber, 1959

Ronald L. McFarlan, 1960 

Lloyd V. Berkner, 1961

Patrick E. Haggerty, 1962

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