James D. Plummer

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For over 30 years, James Plummer has made significant contributions in three main areas of electronic devices, namely, computer-aided design of silicon devices and fabrication processes, high-voltage power devices and circuits, and novel devices for memory and logic applications.

His early work focused on high-voltage integrated circuits (IC) and high-voltage device structures, including seminal contributions to the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), a device that has become a key component of the multi-billion-dollar high-power electronics industry. Dr. Plummer’s work on silicon process modeling led to the development of several generations of the process modeling program SUPREM, which today is the standard process-modeling tool used worldwide. Most recently, Dr. Plummer has worked on nanoscale silicon devices for logic and memory applications.

An IEEE Fellow, he has received numerous recognitions for his work, including IEEE awards, Semiconductor Research Corporation Awards, “best paper” awards, the Electrochemical Society’s 1991 Solid State Science and Technology Award and election to the National Academy of Engineering.