Jack and Heintz

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Jack and Heintz award text

This is a definite work in progress, and a sequel page to the Heintz and Kaufman pages.

Associated Press Photo 3/23/42 William S. Jack (left) president of Jack and Heintz, Inc. and Ralph Heintz, Vice President of a Cleveland Ohio Company manufacturing airplane parts, study the plaque they received from workers with whom they shared war contract profit last year. House Naval Committee was to study the .. (not readable). Clevelanders know the place as where workers lengthened working days, have lunch "on the house" and work to phonograph music. Jack says plant is way ahead of scheduled production.

Jack and Heintz award plaque

caption a special plaque was presented to Mr. Jack and Heintz by company employees in 1942, as thanks for them sharing company profits earned during the war effort.